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Chronos Activation

CHRONOS - Activation

The license of your Chronos is using one of different licensing shemes.

  • You may have a version that is coming with a hardware dongle. In this case you need to put the dongle in your PC before running Chronos, but you don't need the activation process below except to tell us your contact details.
  • If you are using the computer bound version of Chronos you have to use the full activation procedure starting by filling out the form below.
  • If you are using a demo version, you can use Chronos without further action until the end of the demo period.

The first step in product activation is specifying your your license key, computer ID and preferably a valid email adress. We use your name, company and mail data solely for the purpos of license validation and reinstantiation support. Further, the email address specivied is used to send the required activation key for your software installation.


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