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Chronos Introduction

CHRONOS - for CTC PAL samplers

CHRONOS controls PAL samplers in an efficient and intelligent way and enhances sample throughput considerably.

Most chromatographic or spectrometric investigation processes in the area of instrumental analysis are characterized by the use of autosamplers. The purpose of automation is to increase throughput without the need for additional personnel. Up to now, the samples have been worked through automatically in sequence. This means that with conventional machine control systems, waiting times frequently occur due to sample preparation during which the chromatographs are not used, offering considerable potential for throughput optimization. And it is precisely this potential which is utilized by CHRONOS. CHRONOS increases the active measuring time of the machines and therefore considerably raises the efficiency of the laboratory.

Parallel processes for sample preparation

The CHRONOS software organizes parallel processes for sample preparation. This utilizes the analysis system to a much greater extent, while observing the time margins of each individual sample preparation. To this is added further strengths of the software: a user-friendly interface minimizes the number of parameters which need to be changed depending on context. The relevant values are recorded in tabular form and can be changed by the lab staff, which means that a complete sample list can be generated conveniently in only a few steps. Fixed parameters can be changed as needed in the method editor.

A graphic representation of the sample processing is created at the touch of a button, which means that overall duration and current progress can be followed in real time. Multi-stage sample preparation procedures can be parallelized by means of an integrated algorithm. Here also, it is possible to call up a graphic representation of the sequence of events. CHRONOS also combines the sample list for the autosampler control with the data system list, so that the user only has to administrate one list. This simplifies handling and avoids errors which could be caused by confusing different items.

Please contact us for a web presentation or a demo version of this unique software solution.

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