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Chronos Plugins

CHRONOS Software Plugins

CHRONOS supports a comprehensive list of plugin interfaces which allows implementation of additional custom features.

A Chronos plugin is a .NET assembly containing classes which implements one or several of these interfaces. Currently you can use this plugin model to write:

  • A custom device driver module to communicate with an external device that is not supported by Chronos out of the box.
  • A toolbox control for manual or maintenance operations with such a driver module.
  • Tasks that work with or without a driver module and are integrated into the Chronos method editor and scheduled just like the built-in tasks.
  • Tasks that inspect properties of other tasks within the same job.
  • Modules that can manipulate and trigger the execution of sample lists.
  • Acquisition services for supporting additional Chromatography Data Systems.

Available Plugins

This is a growing - but never complete - list of available Chronos Plugins. If you like to use any of them, please contact us for further information.

Free Task Plugins

  • AdvancedToolkit
    Miscellaneous tasks for advanced special case methods:
    • Pinboard (custom list of properties which can be populated using complex expressions, then niceley referenced from other tasks)
    • CheckTrayOccupancy (check if all positions of a tray are considered free at the time of execution, to allow switching off an agitator like tray)
    • ReadFromDatabase/WriteToDatabase (use SQL databases)
  • AlphaVial
    Convert MTP index number to A1,B2 indexing style, we thank the Trajan company to make this public available
  • Assert
    Check for user defined preconditions during the sample list validation phase
  • CreateSchedule
    A Task that creates a new schedule from a sample list file. Useful to generate barcode and LIMS database controlled sample lists
  • DetectVial
    Checks if a single vial or which vial range is available
  • StandbyMethod
    Runs a given method at the end of a schedule
  • WaitForMultipleStartSignals
    Waits for occurance of one of multiple input signals with timeout.

Device Driver Plugins

Typically these plugins are commercially available

  • Abbemat
    Control of refractometers by Anton Paar
  • Bandelin Digitec RC
    Control plugin for an ultrasonic bath by Bandelin Electronic
  • CEM Microwave
    Control of a microwave device by CEM
  • Chronect HPLC
    Control of some Knauer HPLC pumps
  • Chronect LC/GC
    Control of the LC/GC interface by AS
  • Chronect Symbiosis
    Control of µSPE related Spark devices
  • Chronect VLP
    Controls a vial label printer (Scinomix brand)
  • GenericSerialDevice
    Simple serial I/O, for control of devices with a primitive protocol  
  • MTBalance & MTQuantos
    Controls Mettler Toledo balances inclusive Quantos powder dosage system
  • Prolab
    Controls Prolab centrifuges, shakers and heaters
  • ZLP Plugin
    Sends customizable barcode labels to a Zebra ZPL based label printer


Sample List Generators

Typically these plugins are commercially available

  • BatchSlave
    Checks a folder for incoming files specifying samples to process
  • EBIS
    Read analysis results from several data systems and react to them
  • Inject Schedule
    Append new samples to the running sample schedule
  • LC Mulitplex Sequence Generator
    Convenient Sequence generator for LC Multiplex injection solutions
  • MCDP Sequence Generator
    Generate MCPD calibration sequences based on stem solution concentrations and desired target concentration


Typically these plugins are commercially available